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The M-WM Series is the latest DSP Built-In Digital Karaoke Amplifier from Matimo-Italy. We have embedded a pair of High-Quality Wireless Microphone into the Amplifier itself to save footprint. Alongside with a new multi-touch touchscreen panel displaying all the controls of the amplifier  for ease of use and navigation for users. As its predecessor, the M-WM Series also incorporates USB Music Player at the front as well as an USB Port for DSP tuning.

The M-WM Series features three HDMI Input alongside with one HDMI Output (ARC), which supports up to 1080p of resolution. At the rear panel, there are two channels of RCA Input as well as four ports of 1/4" Jack Input for microphone (2 Channels). 

The M-WM Series comes in three different power capacity, all with the same dimension and footprint. 



M-WM Series Spec She

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