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M15 PSR2 1000 (A)

Point Source


  • 2-Way Active Loudspeaker with Built-In DSP

  • Single 15" Woofer with 3" Tweeter

  • Dispersion 100° x 55°

  • Peak SPL 136 dB 

  • Weight 40 KG


The Matimo M15 PSR2 1000 (A) is a 2-way active loudspeaker with a built-in DSP that drives the cabinet, consisting of a single 15" woofer for the LF paired with a 3" tweeter for the HF. The M15 PSR2 1000 (A) is a powerful loudspeaker capable of handling up the 2000 Watt Peak and producing peak SPL of 136 dB. The M15 PSR2 1000 (A) also features wide dispersion angle of 100° x 55°. It weighs in at 40 KG.



M15 PSR2 1000 (A)

Technical Sheet

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