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  • Large Format Active Subwoofer

  • 2 x Built-in 32-bit DSP

  • 2 x 18" Woofer

  • Omni Directional

  • Peak SPL 146 dB

  • Weight 85 KG


The MS218A is the largest format active subwoofer of Matimo, the MS218A features 2 separated DSP built-in on its back. It is driven by two 18" woofer for sub low frequencies. With the 32-bit DSP, the MS218A can achieve a whopping 6000 Watt Peak for both DSP combined. It has a peak SPL of 146 dB, giving maximum power for large application. Being the largest subwoofer in Matimo, the MS218A weighs in at 85 KG. It is best matched with the Advance Focal Series 212A Line Array Series. 



MS218A Technical Sheet

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