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M210 Loudspeaker

Line Array


  • 2-Way Wiring Passive Loudspeaker

  • 2 x 10" Woofer with 1" Tweeter

  • Dispersion 80° or 120°

  • Peak SPL 138 dB

  • Weight 37 KG


The Matimo M210 is a 2-way wiring passive loudspeaker. The M210 features two 10" woofer for the LF and a single 1" tweeter for the HF. With two of the 10" woofer, the amplitude of the low frequency is extended, providing a better sonic experience for the user and audiences. The M210 has a peak SPL of 138 dB, providing a higher headroom for applications. The construction of the box is made out of 15mm Plywood with Weatherproof Paint for though outdoor usage as well, the box weighs at 37 KG.

The M210 is suitable for various application including medium sized theater, concerts or Houses of Worship.



M210 Technical Sheet

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